onsdag 7. oktober 2015

LESSology Oktober #52 Beachfront Property

Hi there every one :)
It is October 7th and It is my turn to have the Blogpost
over at LESSology.
Our October Challenge #52 is called Beachfront Property and it is
to incorporate elements associated with A Beach onto you project
together wit at least one upcycled item.

My upcycled items this time, are the sea shells I picked up from
our local beach  this summer.
 Yes... we do have beaches in Norway ;) 
but we didn't have a propper  summer this year. 
There are 2 small sandy ones( nothin like Cornwall or Florida lol )
only 5 min drive from where I live, so lots of sea shells to choose from.
One of them I can see from my bedroom window, but this year it
has been far too cold ( or at least for me) to jump in
 I love this paper as it has wood panel pattern with this seagull on it,
and I tried to fit it to the fram for the seagul to stick out (or in ;)
 " resting" on the side as part of the embellishment .

some close ups of the little nautical metall charms ....

....and a few more... these ones was given to me from scrapbooking
friends  when I was at a lockal weekend crop, not having all the little
bits and bobs I needed for it, when I started working on it
I decorated the inside too
adding more little "Beachfront Properties"

sorry about the Norwegian txt, but it is a typical Norwegian
expression and it says: 
Magic you find in the little everyday moments

Over the next couple of days 2 more DT members
 here at LESSology
are hosting some more Beachfront inspirations.
Please stop by and give them some love :)

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and taking time to leave behind a comment

Hugz x

onsdag 9. september 2015

LESSology September #51 It's Reading Time!

Hi there, so nice of you to stop by today :)
   It is reading time over at LESSology  where
 our challenge #51  is to Incorporate a book in your project
 together  of course, with at least one upcycled item.

here are mine...empty plastic covers ..

It must be 2 years ago my best friend  Bente gave me  this
Dylusion Creative Journal, and it has been waiting for
me ever since to start being creative and take it into use.

So here I had the opportunity to start my AJ journey..
Thank you Bente for always thinking of me :)

and here are some more of the little bits and bobs I thought I might use,
including the plastic cover from the Prima tiles

 After I had glued  all the embellishments, bits and bobs
onto the front cover( which I forgot to take a picture of) ,
 I took a roll of aluminium "tinfoil" tape and carefully started
to stick it on, covering the whole front page while pressing
 and pushing the tinfoil into every little corner, dent and countours.
When finished, you can see all the silhouetts around the embellishments

After adding some more blings, sticking to silver and metall
colours, this is what my AJ book cover looks like when finished.

Just a photo where I have added the roll of tinfoil tape.
It is so easy to work with when the foil has got adhesive on it :)

The upcycled plastic cover was glued on upside  down
(before it was covered in tinfoil tape)
to serve as a small box for little metall charms, some of them
I have got from my friend Bente, who gave me the AJ book.

These lovely little white and shiny flowers are also a gift  from
a friend( thank you so much Yvonne)
 and they were perfect for this challenge :)

This is how I got inspired to use a book for this challenge, and it
has endless ways of how you want to interpret the challenge.
Dig out some fun stuff to upcycle, incorporate a book on your project
 and come and surprise us over at LESSology with your finised creation,
we love to see what you have come up with :)

Life is a journey with endless opportunities...be creative and have fun
I hope to see your  book creations over at LESSology in September

Thanks for visiting and leaving behind a comment :)

mandag 7. september 2015

LGS September 2015 Team A week 1 Autumn in the Air...

Hi there... and Happy new Monday :)
Has the Autumn reach you yet? It  certainly skipped over
the summer at my part of the world and went straight from spring to
a even more wet and cold autumn/fall.
Anyway here is my fall inspired LO made for
Week 1 in September over at
Let's Get Sketchy

I flipped the sketch once to the left

looking like this ....

and this is the original sketch made by Brenshevia

some details too...
the photo is of the kids having fun in an old telephone box,
which has been converted into a village library in a small village
just out side of Buckingham.
 it  became a "button page" inspired by the button flowers
on the sketch
...and some more details ;)

So if the Autumn, or Fall if you like, has come to your corner of
the world, why not join in on our challenge at
Let's Get Sketchy

Thanks for stoping by and leaving a comment :)
Wish you a fun and creative week  :)

tirsdag 1. september 2015

Pixels and Paper September 2015. A Flower Meadow, the best place to rest...

Hi there and Happy Tuesday :)

It has turned  from summer to Autumn on the calendar, and we 
only had a few warm and sunny days this summer and almost 
all of those day was towards the end of August... 

...But now over to something more cheerful, 

This is my page with a photo of my son, resting in a flower meadow
after a mountain walk in the Swiss Alps of Fisch,
 and it was warm and glorious day. 

This is our inspiration picture  for September,
and it has the same colours of the flowers as the flowers
in the meadow my son took a rest in (it couldn't
get more perfect than that for finding a photo
to fit this  challenge inspiration)

On these close ups you can see the small yellow
and purple flowers on the photo of the meadow,
 surrounding my grumpy son, who had
enough of walking that day....
 The papers was perfect too as they had imges of
Swiss stamps

Even if it is Spring or Autumn where you live, let your self get
inspired by these glorious flowers on the inspiration picture,
and join us in our September challenge at Pixels and Paper
Bye for now, and thank you for stopping by my blog today :)

mandag 17. august 2015

LGS August 2015 Team A week 3 Mermaidz

Hi there, I hope you all had a great weekend :)

It is a new week with a new Monday and it is week 3 over at
and Team A is out with a new sketch reveal.
Why not pop over to see what the other Team A ladies
did with the sketch
Here is my take on the sketch...

based on this fun  sketch made by Bev

some closies too as always ...
I made it in to a mermaid page as the photo is og my daughter
and my niece at a swimming practice
The paper line is " The Seaside Life" from TILDA
and it was perfect for this photo and sketch too

Thanks for stopping by, and
I wish you a Happy Scrappy Week :)

lørdag 15. august 2015

ARTastic August 2015 Creating a Background in Black and White

Happy Scrappy  Weekend :)
It is August 15th and a new DT reveal is out over at
This month the focus is on creating a background using any kind of
media. This time I chose to focus on patterned papers and washitape,
creating a background under the photo with a divers mix of
funky pattern paper strips mixed with the washi tape, all in only
black and white.

This is my finished LO
The owl from the gorgeous inspiration picture below,
 made me think of this photo of my son

By Kirra Jamison with Over the Moon

I added a few close ups as well, even though there isn't many
 details to show....

If you normaly don't work with mixed media you can
still join in on our challenge at ARTastic
being creativ by using your fun patterned papers.
Just tell us what inspired you and shared it with us :)

Thank you for taking time stopping by my blog today :)
Wish you a Fun and Creative Weekend ;)

onsdag 5. august 2015

LESSology #50 ZIP me UP!

Hi there and thank you for popin' in visiting my blog :)
It is August 5th and it is my turn to have the blog post 
over at LESSology.
It is Challenge # 50: Zip me up!
Yes! you guessed it right ;) it is to Incorporate a zipper on your project
....and you can be as creative as you like, using a Zipper
 in any possible way, togerth with at least one upcycled item.

I made a pocket card  to be opened and closed by a a zipper

A sneak peek of the innside when finished

I forgot to take a picture of my upcycling items before I started,
but it is an old zipper, a food waste bag for recycling bio-waste
and a piece of  material from an old pair of jeans.
The jeans material is used to reinforce the opening ( the dark line on the top) 
where I have made an opening for a pocket on the outside
for  keeping  photos and other memorobilias
This is what it looks like when ziped up.
..and his is the out side when open.... all before decorating the front
and inside( below)
I foldet the bag in to 3 sections, only sewing the zipper on to the

top and middle part (of the original paper bag), leaving the
 bottom part  of the bag to be folded inwards, and
to make room for the tags when  the top part of this
section has been  cut off.

The out side when finished. On this side I have added photos to
both of the outsides and made an envelope to keep the ones I didn't use

front of the photo "chain"....
and I added photos to the back side of the photo "chain"

this is the envelope which fitted into a pocket on the front cover
a snapshop of a loose photo and the open envelope

this is the back side
with more photo tags in pockets
this is the revers side of the photo tags above
and this is a big photo tag that goes all the way in
(you can see the bend on the photo from when the card
is zipped up)

here follows some close ups  from the inside of the card...
I used mainly left over papers adding stamps and
other bling and fun "stuff" for embellishments
here follows some close ups of the pockets and 
both sides of the tags too

If you like to play along  with our challenge and have some
creative fun using something zipper related,
 please pop over to LESSology where you
over the next couple of days will find some
super cool  Zipper Creations
from the other DT ladies :)

Thank you for stopping by today I really do appreciate it