onsdag 7. oktober 2015

LESSology Oktober #52 Beachfront Property

Hi there every one :)
It is October 7th and It is my turn to have the Blogpost
over at LESSology.
Our October Challenge #52 is called Beachfront Property and it is
to incorporate elements associated with A Beach onto you project
together wit at least one upcycled item.

My upcycled items this time, are the sea shells I picked up from
our local beach  this summer.
 Yes... we do have beaches in Norway ;) 
but we didn't have a propper  summer this year. 
There are 2 small sandy ones( nothin like Cornwall or Florida lol )
only 5 min drive from where I live, so lots of sea shells to choose from.
One of them I can see from my bedroom window, but this year it
has been far too cold ( or at least for me) to jump in
 I love this paper as it has wood panel pattern with this seagull on it,
and I tried to fit it to the fram for the seagul to stick out (or in ;)
 " resting" on the side as part of the embellishment .

some close ups of the little nautical metall charms ....

....and a few more... these ones was given to me from scrapbooking
friends  when I was at a lockal weekend crop, not having all the little
bits and bobs I needed for it, when I started working on it
I decorated the inside too
adding more little "Beachfront Properties"

sorry about the Norwegian txt, but it is a typical Norwegian
expression and it says: 
Magic you find in the little everyday moments

Over the next couple of days 2 more DT members
 here at LESSology
are hosting some more Beachfront inspirations.
Please stop by and give them some love :)

Thanks for stopping by today 
and taking time to leave behind a comment

Hugz x

8 kommentarer:

  1. Kjempe flott bok kort med utrolig mange flotte detaljer. Her har du fått med mange maritime ting og satt dem kjempe fint sammen.

  2. Underbart vackert!! Man längtar tillbaka till sommaren...


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