lørdag 12. november 2011

At the bottom of the Pile....

My early start of scrapbooking
A taster of my 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th LO
I had NO scrapbooking kit what so ever, but my friend Bente and my new freind Vibeke
made sure I had it all while introdusing me to this fantastic creative world of paper, treasuring pictures of memories, early spring 2010 just after my dad had died of cancer. Loosing my dad made me realize the importence of keeping track of memories.

Bente and Vibeke also took the pictures of our little "girly girls" and Vibeke's cute cats.
I think these Lo's now deserve an album and not just stay at the bottom of the pile.
It is fun and interesting to see how the LO's have changed in style and colour pattern since I did my first ones and up until the summer this year when I really started getting in to it..... and now I am "hooked"

Embrace life, treasure memories and live for the future

Have a memorable weekend

2 kommentarer:

  1. 4 pages.. what a great work.. all beautiful Bravo Tone Lil!!!

  2. Åhhh så koselig og vemodig på samme tid det du har skrevet om i dette innlegget. Setter utrolig pris på å ha blitt kjent med deg også Tone Lill... og jammen har det vert spennende å se utviklingen din også... og STOR STAS at du nå er hooked, -det kan vi like :)
    Klem fra Vibekke