onsdag 31. oktober 2012

Winter Wonderland Just Like on a Postcard

I'm on holiday this week in Switzerland and didn't bring
any scrappy stuff with me :P  I wish I did coz Tirill has now got tonsillitis 
  so not alot we can do. There will be no swimming in Zurzach 
our favourite Thermalbath  on our way home.
So I'm only posting the photos for now from our tripp to Saas Fee
yesterday. It might have been too cold on the top at 3500meters
playing and having fun in the snow, anyway this is what it 
looked like, almost like on a post card
 Here with some Italian peaks in the background
Under the snow you can just about see the glacier
This is where you can ski in the summer. We realized
this group of skiers was from Sweeden when they 
came over where we were.

More  peaks and Glacier
This is  in the funicular, from the middle station to the top. 
Tirill bought a matching hat to her jacket when we were 
shopping in Sierre a few days back
She look sooo coool on this photo ;)

 Here we are on the viewing platform
 This photo is take from the terrace in Lax  where we 
are staying, it is daylight 
but the sun makes it looks like it's dark

So when I get back home there should be some photos
 to choose from for scrapbooking
Happy Halloween every one!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh wow! Picture postcards indeed! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! :)

  2. Vilka vackra färger!! Och vackra vyer!! Hoppas att ni kan njuta en del i alla fall! :) Kram

  3. Oh Wow Tone-Lill I know our place is beautiful, but your pictures are just amazing. I love Saas Fee, the little village is so cosy. I hope Tirill is feeling better by now and that you still could enjoy your last days in Lax.
    I was sorry to hear that you couldn't get any chocolate at the chocolaterie. What a pitiful service. Well Switzerland does have some nice chocolate, but sometimes also awful service. Sorry for that.

    Wish you a great day and thanks for your last comment.
    Hugs, Melanie-Jane

  4. Wow - stunning photos! Amazing!!!

  5. hi lovely, oh no, what a pity that your little one was ill...hope he is better soon! But I see that you have enjoyed the mountains, thanks for showing us these most wonderful piccies!
    Hugs, Alessandra

  6. what beautiful photos... The switzerland : a beautiful land...

  7. WOW!!! Vilka härliga foton. Jag kängtar som en tok efter snön... men den lyser än med sin frånvaro =(