onsdag 8. mai 2013

International Scrapbooking Day

is still celebrating International scrapbooking Day with
 a fun challenge including taking a photo of
 your scrap space.
Here is mine, looking a bit untidy after still working
on LOs for my nephews album up until I left 
Friday night going to Norway. It was a last minute desition
to stay over at Gatwick airport instead of leaving early Sat
morning and be stuck in traffic.
So this is what it looked like when I left home
 late Friday evening lol ;)

It is normally tidy when I start on a new LO, but funny
enough it looks like this, a bit untidy when I'm done.
Wonder why  ;)

So When I am Scrapbooking I'm in "Scrap Mode"
dissapearing into my own little world of creativeness.
I'm sure a burglar could enter without me noticing :P
(but please don't tell them lol)
Some times my daughter (11) joins me and we have lots
of fun together with stamps, mist, stencils, acrylics
 and bits and bobs making tags, which is her favourite
craft activity.

It's been fun looking into other scrappers scrap space,
Thanks for stopping by, looking at my mess lol.

Happy Scrap to You all :)
I do appologize for not visiting all your inspiering blogs
over the last couple of days. Although being on sort of 
holiday to celebrate my nephews confirmation on Thursday,
it has been busy days helping my mom and sister preparing
for it, and making the last couple of pages for his album.
Tomorrow I have to make the cards too, so I'll have to wait until I
 get back home to England to post it all.

I do have a very exciting news, preposted,  going live 
here on  my blog tomorrow. 
Until then, a good night from me in Norway

8 kommentarer:

  1. its okay to be a little untidy...!!! Art in progress eh!.... How exciting... I can't wait for tomorrow... hugs...x

  2. Looks like a cosy little nook to engage in your fave activity! Can I come over to play? :)

  3. Oooo, creative place you look very good.

    I hardly find what I need on the spot for creative.

  4. Thank you for sharing your room with us, it looks so cosy and very comfortable to do your scrapping in.

  5. Det ser ut som ett riktigt kreativt rum! Som en plats att trivas på! Kram

  6. He he your scrappy space looks TIDY! you should see mine ... a never ending process means piles of stuff everywhere. Your space looks really nice! Ha en fin vecka! Klem