søndag 3. november 2013

Exciting News... First Issue of LGS Magazine is out :)

Great and exciting news,
Let's Get Sketch has now published the first issue of
Over the last couple of months everyone in the team
have been working hard to help the brilliant
creator of the magazine, Brenshevia and her assistant editor Laura
 to make this happen.
It also have" room" for guest designers, so pop over to have
a look. It might be something for you.
Brenshevia is the "power engine" behind this project 
and the final result is amazing. You just can't miss this one.
Here is one of my LOs  in the magazine

The photo is taken when we went far up north this summer.
When we came to Honningsvåg at 71' North with 24'C ( about 75'F)
and 15'C (about 57'F) in the sea. I had to put my feet in the water.
I know it sounds a bit cold, but this is at the same latitude as northern
Canada, Alaska and north Sibiria where you only find freezing water and
perma frost in the summer.

I will be back with some more from the magazine in a later post,
until then, why not have a look at the magazine :)
Thanks for stopping by today, and if you have left me
a comment it really means alot to me :) 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hey, Tone-Lil! This is great - that cog background looks fabulous & go YOU, putting your feet in that freezing water AND getting into the LGS online mag:):) Well done!!! I as having fun using some more of your birch bark today...won't be 'up' til December...it's sooo special to me:):)

  2. Super excited about this Mag!!! I love love love your page! LOVING the colors, the masking and the flowers!!!!

  3. Herlig lo! Flottt farger, kjempeflott stensilbruk og doodling, stilig med knappene!
    Ha en fin dag :o)

  4. Wow! LOVE this! Your background looks amazing!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, congrats on being published...how exciting!
    Your layout looks amazing!