onsdag 11. desember 2013

Julekalender hos Scraphaugen 11. Desember LYKT

Tiden flyr og det er bare 2 uker til jul.
og det er en spesiell dato i dag 11.12.13, så da  jeg
"pre posted" på bloggen min ble det
kl.09:10 11.12.13
I julekalenderen til Scraphaugen i dag den
11. Desember handler det om LYKT
Time flies and it is only 2 week until Christmas.
Behind the 11th calendar door at Scraphaugen it is
all about candle lantern.
Jeg har pyntet en metall lykt der nesten alt av materialer
More or less all the decoration materials
Here is my candle lantern

with some closies too

So now  the dark evening should lighten up
a bit outside the conservatory door. The good thing is,
that in 10 days time it is the longest night and days
will start to increase in lenght.
Now it is your time to give it ago,
your own  candle lantern
Thank you for taking he time again to stop by my blog

7 kommentarer:

  1. It must be AWFUL being so dark so much! And it's so HOT here atm!!! weird...anyways, LOOOVE what you've done here - it looks MUCH prettier:):):)

  2. lovely hanging candle holder , Tone !!

  3. This is sooooooooooo gorgeous!! I love love love the flowers and the hearts!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is so beautiful Tone... Loving the hearts and blooms! Nice.... hugs...x

  5. Awww....soooooo sweet! Love your lantern!

  6. This looks great! Love the decoration on this!

  7. How incredibly gorgeous this is! Fantastic job Tone!