lørdag 15. februar 2014

A Yummy Chocolate card for Valentines Day

A late Valentines post from me today.
I have made a Valentines card gift, a bar of Norwegian milk
chocolate, in disguise as a bar of chocolate, if that makes
any sense???
The chocolate bar
with an Edvard Munch picture (he was Norwegian of course)
 has been wraped with aluminium foil
and a cover of Brown Bazzill, same size as the chocolate
 (measuring 8cmx16cm, about 3.1 inch x6.2inch) 
was placed on top with doubble sided tape.
12 sqares 2,5cmx2,5cm (about 1"x1") was cut and placed on top
of the brown Bazzill with 3D dots after the corners had been rounded off.
Wrap again with aluminium foil, add patterend paper
(just at the bottom half of the chocolate bar and cut/tear diagonally)
 then add embellishments and tag and tear the
second layer of aluminium foil from the top.
It should look like you are opening a chocolate bar.
...and there you have your card with a chocolate bar inside :)
Enjoy :)
Thanks everyone for stopping by today :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. How clever and cool Tone!... Love this! So pretty! hugs....x

  2. Hah! That is really, REALLY clever!!! I LOOOVE that idea!!! What a great gift!!! And the way you've decorated it is really, really pretty!!!!!

  3. This is soooooo clever! LOVING it!!!!!

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! LOVE this!

  5. Oh, så snyggt du har gjort!! Vilken bra idé!