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INK and PAINT at ARTastic with 3Ts- Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Hello every one and happy Scrappy Day :)
Today I have a LO with a simple tutorial
to show, based on art from over at
....First the finished LO
inspired by this fantastic Art
ARTastic challenge Criteria Febuary: Paint and Ink
Some closies too


 Here is how I made the Back ground on white Bazzill
Products : Spray Ink and Ink pads,mini mister, gesso,
Glue and Seal,Black crackle paint and stencils.
My Tip:
Before you start using the ink, add Glue and Seal in
a thin layer onto the Bazzill/cardstock to avoid the ink
"running" into it when using stencils.

Here are some tricks to create different patterns on the
back ground using Ink and cracle paint


Dab the ink pad onto a Teflon craft sheet, spray with water
using  mini mister (or a regular spray bottle) until you
see droplets in the ink. 
Carefully spread the cardstock paper you have previously
oated with the glue and seal, on top to get the impression
of the ink onto the card.
Dry with heat tool before adding a new layer of ink.

Before starting with a new colour,
wipe the Teflon stain resistant craft sheet clean.

Here I sprayed with black ink straight on to the stain resistant
  sheet and added water with the mister. I then created
a spiral pattern with a craft tool like a ice lolly wood stick.

Like above, I lightly spread the Bazzill over the wet ink
to create a new pattern on top of the blue pattern print.

Remember to let it dry or use a heat tool.

This is what it looks like when dry.
I did the same with red Ink, and created a squiggly pattern 
When I had dried the red pattern on the Bazzill, I added
black crackle paint using the Prima " crackle" stencil
and dried it with a heat tool.
I finished by adding the last stencil with the leaf pattern
using white gesso and blue ink spray, which gives
lovely different shades of blue in the pattern.

....and here is the end result creating a background on
the Bazzill card stock.

Use Glue and Seal on cardstock before you start with the ink.
Remember to dry completely.


The trick is to be "light handed" when spreading the
card stock onto the different patterns of wet ink
on the stain resistance craft sheet.

Here I have only showed you a few ways to use ink .

There are no limits of techniques you can use to create
different  patterns using spray or ink pads.
Just be creative and have fun!

Thanks to every one of you who took the time to stop by
today and left a comment. It really means a lot to me

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