mandag 13. august 2012


       has a fun challenge this forthnight
one or more stamps 
2 photos
ribbon or twine or both
no card stock
3 or more patterened paper
2 or more paperclips
Mist/paint/ink & border punches are freebies as always! 
So here is my take 

In January my son marius turned 17 and he wanted a party sub 
to celebrate with his friends, 9 of them ( a foot each), 
so that ment  on the day  I had to go and pick up one 6foot long
and one 3foot long BIG Sub. Seats in the car had to go down  to get 
room for the longest one... puuuh... 
But we managed to get them home and keep it together when 
put on the table, and that is what's on the photos , just in
case you wondered???
My back ground paper is one of the outer wrapping paper of the sub. 
There was several layers to keep it in place.
I kept it just in case it would be used for scraping purpose ;)
It is very thin and flimsy so when I started I realised it wouln't
stay in one piece, so I had no choise then reenforce it whit  white card
at the back, but it is not visible, and I hope it dose not count as part of
the challenge.

Green patteren paper and baseball paper are used under the
  The frame is cut out of red patterned paper which I gave a bit 
distress. I cut and stapled the photos together.
I cut some Measuring ribbon, which I though was a fun way to show
that this sub was loooong lol
I used different types of paperclips
The bottom writing in Norwegiang says:
Marius ,celebrating, his 17, birthday,with style
All the boys finished 1 foot each of the sub, 
... an unbelivable "show"....
just like on Circus to watch 

10 kommentarer:

  1. What a great idea! So creative!

  2. Goodness! Love that you used the wrapping for your layout! Super fun and unique piece! Looks like they all enjoyed the 3 foot long sub! I would too...*winks*

  3. OMG how very cool! I have never known anyone who has had a party sub. Besides long, it looks quite wide. Well done for everyone eating it all. Were they different flavours or was it the same all through-out?? love subway:)

  4. Wow! What a super cool page...I love the paper! That is the biggest sandwich I've ever seen...holy cow! So glad you joined us at CMH!

  5. Great page and what a fun party!

  6. Herlig! Flott klynge med bilder og pynt, kult med puslespillbrikkene og artig med subwaypapiret :o)
    Ha en fin kveld :o)

  7. LOVE this!! What a great idea to keep and use the Subway paper!! So glad you joined us for our recipe challenge at CMH!!

  8. Så kul!! Jeg digger den røde rammen der:):)

  9. This is SO FUN and I LOVE IT!!! Using the wrapping paper as a background us such a cool idea. And it’s looking good too! Love everything about this page!!!

  10. Ha ha guuuu så himla kul och härlig layout!! du är bra kreativ som använder omslagspappret som bakgrund. Så djäklar häftig! :)))